Holy Cow I'm Actually Making A Blog!

Hey y'all! I have had a ton of ideas running through my head the past year...I mean I know we all do duh..BUT just a few of my ideas I thought would be fun to share with y'all in a different form, so why not start a Blog?! Well, a good reason to not start a Blog is that I've never blogged before so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing at the moment to be honest so...why not try?

Really though, I'm wanting to get out of my comfort zone and thought this would be just the thing! I love reading other blogs from photographers and cool people...and maybe, just maybe a few (1-5 peeps) may think I'm cool and will wanna read mine too! How awesome would that be?!

So anywho, I'm so glad you're here!

I wanted to use my first post to do a semi - formal introduction of myself. Where I'm from, what I enjoy, what I'm like, and a bunch of other facts.

Although I'd love to say I've always wanted to be a full time photographer, that's just not the case. I ALWAYS wanted to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and ever since I was little I wanted to "take care of them". Well, life happens and approaching high school graduation I realized my hatred for math and the 7+ years ahead of me in a medical field just weren't looking like too smooth of a ride. But, I had also met my husband by that time, and the thought of being anything but his wife in the few years to come was just crazy. So I went to get my associates at NWACC, went through a smaller job then a larger job, that I then left in 2021 officially to become a full time photographer. Please enjoy the very young picture below of my husband and I's first date, where lucky him got to meet 3/4 of my family the first time ever seeing me in person.

I'm so excited to start this blog to share with you all the ideas running through my head! Most of the blog will be about stuff such as photography tips and tricks and ideas -- fun and not so fun realizations that may help or just entertain when it comes to sessions and weddings -- do's and do not's and why we do things - and many more crazy things that pop into my head! I'll also be posting blogs about most of my sessions, both past and present as I love to remember sweet things about clients. I hope to keep you entertained with fun stories and facts! Thanks for being here!

My Hobbies outside of Photography

I love to paint & draw, but I cant say I'm very good at it. Im okay at charcoal but at this point if rather just get creative with photos! I enjoy hiking, swimming, and going rock crawling as a family. I also enjoy journaling, bible studies, and organizing (not me saying my home is perfectly clean...by any means haha) .

Home Life

I have the bestest Hubby ever whom I love very much! We have a German Shepherd who was our first "baby", and a 2 year old boy who has us wrapped around our fingers. I stay at home with him during most days, and when I have evening sessions he stays with daddy at home. It works out really good for the most part, and I'm thankful for the support our entire family gives me.

My Favorite Things

I love the colors sage & dark green, and mauve. I think this somehow is because I just love to see clients wearing them when we meet for photos! I love hot tea with honey and lemon. I love the mornings and right after nap time when my son wakes up and he's so snuggly. And I love supper time with my family.

My Dream

I get asked often what I hope to accomplish in my photography career. And the answer is complicated, as im always working towards better, but I always have what I've dreamed of. Although (as mentioned before) I didn't always dream of being a photographer, I did always like the idea of working for myself. Getting to "be my own boss" (with the perks and hardships of that) and meeting so many amazing people is a dream all in itself.