The day was November 12th, 2022,

It was honestly the COLDEST wedding I have done to date. As beautiful as it was, that one fact will stick in my head forever haha!

Hannah and Matthew were so absolutely in love, and after meeting with them for a little coffee date to discuss their big day, I knew it would be simple yet perfect.

It was on the smaller side of weddings, but intimate ones are some of my favorite! They had close family and friends who all chatted and talked with one another --- this is a reason I like smaller weddings because instead of a big wedding where you have people hanging out with their own families and friend groups, a smaller environment tends to nudge even those who may not know each other to start a conversation, thus leading to everyone having an awesome time together!

I typically make bets upon meeting a family on if there will be tears shed that day, and sometimes I can be spot on by who will shed them. It was an easy one on this wedding, everyone! Hannahs dad was so sweet and their first look was so special. And Matthew of course lost it when he seen how beautiful she looked coming down the aisle.

The family & guests were troopers in the chilly wind, bundled up in jackets and coats and scarves, yet not a one complained about them temps! Supportive and joyful guests can have such a positive impact on the stress levels of the day and its appreciated by all the wedding party and vendors!

Overall this day was magical, the staff at Shadow Valley Country Club in Rogers gave it their all and successfully made it run so smooth. I'm so thankful to have been there for them on their big day!

P.S: Hannah's ring has been my favorite ring so far, especially considering it has a built in rose and her maiden name just happened to be ROSE! ugh, it don't get no neater! (is neater even a word?)...