There are so many fun times to be had during an engagement session, along with many things to remember/be aware of prior, and different things to expect.

I wanted to go over a few things that stand out to me as some of the most important "heads up" thoughts when planning an engagement session...


  • Some people are dreaming of a grand adventure for their engagement shoot, with spectacular views and breathtaking "AWE". And some, just want a simple pretty area to run around and have fun in with their love. I love both ideas, but some things to consider when planning what's right for you are..

--- Do I have the time to travel? Do I have an exact location in mind? Am I Prepared for extra expenses that may come with a longer travel? Does the location I'm planning and the outfit(s) I'm planning clash or smoothly compliment? Am I okay with landscape/architecture options near to me? Is there any sentimental places to me/my fiancé? Will I be traveling with any pets? Do I want a differnet or similar look in the engagement photos in comparison to the Wedding Venue? Does the location have ample photo opportunities or is it limited to one area?

And so many more!


  • Most often, when my couples realize they are allowed 2-3 outfit changes, they choose a simple two. One being casual/cute/fun, and the other being romantic, sleek, and fancy. You can never go wrong with these two choices! However, if dressy isn't your style, go for just one outfit that you both feel like hot stuff in, or two similar outfits to just change things up a bit. As far as the style, things are pretty easy. Choices get fussy (IMO) when it comes to colors/patterns... My quickest tips are stay away from stripes, brights/neons, character shirts, and plaid. Again, those are MY tips, other photographers may completely opposite from myself and that's perfectly fine. I've just found that staying away from these types of clothing results in a much more emotion focused, simple, elegant, and timeless gallery. I want you to be able to look back on photos and look first to your faces and your expressions/embraces and not think "did I really wear that?" or "I cant print that out and hang it because it doesn't match my decor". Now, to can change outfits. So, if you're dying for some fun and flirty shots while you're in a hot pink or lime green dress, then by all means let's get them!

What To Bring

  • Yourself!...annnndddd a few other things haha. Don't forget your ring. I know this sounds silly, BUT it is an engagement shoot and I've had to do them before without the ring present....Plan to have you ring sized and ready for your shoot so no surprises arise.

--Some other little things to remember is to come ready for photos. I completely understand minor touchups when we arrive, but the more time we have from the moment we arrive, the more time we have getting great shots. Think of your tan (if you have one) and make sure we discuss any issues that may have arose prior such as streaks, dark patches, missed spots so that we can pose accordingly or at least I can know about them for editing purposes. Im not going to judge you for anything such as this, I'm a pale/pasty girl and if I ain't got a tan I look like a ghost.

--Your nails, they will show up in photos. So while they don't have to be PERFECT, maybe just make sure a day or two before they are okay in your eyes for your photos.

--Dry Skin, slap on some lotion about an hour or so before your session and I promise you'll be happy you did! Smooth, shiny skin always looks so healthy in photos and its easier to edit in case there is a little blemish here and there.

--Special/Sentimental Items. Bring along anything that means a lot to you. Such as a grandmas handmade quilt, a grandpas jacket, or some grandparent/parents rings. We will incorporate them in some meaningful way.

-- Your fur babies! I always welcome pets at sessions. As long as they have a leash nearby and we can have some without them in the shot too, they are more than welcome to join!

DON'T worry about blemishes. I don't know the actual reason they created photoshop...(maybe that'll be a mother blog post) but I like to say its because of pimples. We all get them. And if you don't, MAN high school must've been easy for you. But seriously, when it comes to pimples & minor cuts/scratches..don't let them worry you for photos. It will be OK!

What To Expect

  • The most important thing to remember for your engagement session, Is to expect fun.

--I intend for all of my couple to leave their session happy, joyful, talkative, and maybe slightly out of breath. You're going to hug and kiss and tickle and wrestle. You're going to jump around, dance, and run into each others arms. You're going to be everywhere from on his shoulders, to laying in a field holding hands. I want to capture the still/motionless moments, but also the playful and wild ones too.

Thank you so much for stopping to read, Have A Wonderful Week!

With Love,